Power Camp 2014

By June 1, 2014Updates

All praises to the Almighty for the successful conclusion of the Power Camp. It was by far the most successful event MUNA Youth has hosted in years. May Allah make this event a means of taking MUNA Youth further in the near future and most importantly, may He make it a means of attaining his pleasure. Ameen.

You can view the photos from the Power Camp at the following links:

Day 1 & 2

Day 3 & 4

What is Power Camp?

Power Camp is designed to build leadership skills necessary to enhance MUNA Youth’s local and national activities. With the primary focus being the leaders in local Sub-Chapters, Chapters and and Zones, MUNA Youth hopes to utilize this unique tool to mobilize the talented Muslim youths of America into becoming a key player in bringing about positive social change. Skills such as communication, interpersonal, social, communal skills are the primary focus on this camp.

“It is by some mercy from Allah that you have been gentle with them. Had you been rough and hard of heart they would have dispersed from around you. So pardon them, ask for forgiveness for them, and consult them. Then when you have resolved, put your trust in Allah. Allah loves those who trust Him.” (3.159)